California Conadria Dried Figs (1Lb): Grocery. These figs are a popular favorite for eating by the handful and a tasty ingredient in fig bars and 


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Conadria is one of the first artificial hybrid figs developed by Ira Condit in 1956 at Riverside, California. It is a light green, large fig with whitish-pink flesh and a sweet mild flavor. This white fig tree for sale, the Conadria, flourishes in hot areas and is a vigorous long-lived tree. Conadria Fig – CERTIFIED ORGANIC Categories: Certified Organic Fig Trees For Sale , Deep South Fruit Varieties , Deep South Trees and Plants , NEW ITEMS , ORGANIC Description The name Conadria is derived from one of the parent figs Adriatic and Condit. To learn more about the interesting history of this fig see its introductory article produced by Dr. Ira J. Condit and Robert M. Warner entitled 'Promising New Seedling Fig' in the 1956 issue of California Agriculture. The Conadria fig is a gourmet delight. One of the easiest figs to grow.

Conadria fig

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Flesh of the fruit is pink to red with a good flavor. The eye is small and tight. Fruit ripening is in June and again in August. Conadria fruit are good fresh and excellent dried. 1 Fig. 12 ' Green Ischia' Conadria Fig. This is another great eating fig fresh or for canning. Conadria 4.jpg (1095.39 kB, 2560x1440 - viewed 68 times.) Conadria 6.jpg (1149.18 kB, 2560x1440 - viewed 61 times.) Conadria 7.jpg (647.66 kB, 2560x1440 - viewed 62 times.) A look at one of my fig trees, Conadria from Edible Landscaping.

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Its fragrant leaves are 12–25 centimetres (4.7–9.8 in) long and 10–18 centimetres (3.9–7.1 in) wide, and are deeply lobed (three or five lobes). The fig fruit develops as a hollow, fleshy structure called the syconium that is lined internally with numerous unisexual flowers.

It was bred from an Adriatic fig, hence the name “Con-adria”. It is a yellow-green fig with an interior that ranges from light red to amber. It has a mild and sweet flavor which makes it perfect for eating as a snack or adding to salads, confections and other dishes.

Columbus till Macon till Augusta, kan du växa någon sort av ätbara fig växt. I Atlanta, välja en härdigare sort som 'Celeste', 'Conadria' eller "Chicago Hardy.

Conadria fig

Description Description. Check back June 2021 for updated stock. Should be available at that time. COMING IN SUMMER 2021! Conadria and Lattarola should not be the same. Conadria was bred by Ira CONdit in California in his fig breeding program, using ADRIAtic as the base fig variety.

The flesh is white and the pulp can range from red to  Conadria fig is a 2 to 2.5″, green to yellow-green skinned fig with a sweet flavor and white to pink inner flesh.
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Conadria fig

Sale. Buy Brown Turkey The Texas Everbearing fig has a rose-pink flesh with distinctive full-bodied flavor.

Most prolific every year. Skin cracks all over but does not split.
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Golden crown Conadria figs; Grown in California; Shipped in circular tray. Neatly packed in circular trays, Nutra-Fig® Golden Brown California Figs are a high 

Resistant to spoilage. A good white fig for hot areas and can handle desert winter chill. Vigorous long-lived tree. Self-fertile.

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The Red Italian is already showing Conadria produces large green, thin-skinned figs that ripen to light greenish yellow and droop when ripe. The flesh is white and the pulp can range from red to amber with a rich, sweet, and distinctive flavor. The large figs are good for fresh eating, drying, and preserves.

08-30-2018, 06:32 PM. I've found the Conadria fig tree produces one of the sweetest figs I've tasted. The fig was introduced by Dr. Ira Condit and released in 1956. The fig was a product of a White Adriatic and a succulent Caprifig and was featured in the 1956 issue of California Agriculture.

The fruit is different from any I have seen before. They are somewhat larger and "rounder" than regular figs.