Population size and genetic diversity in sand lizards (Lacerta agilis) and adders contact zone between two subspecies of Chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita ssp.


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agilis, L. a. argus, L. a. bosnica; L. a. chersonensis, L. a.

Lacerta agilis subspecies

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The word “lacerta” derives from the Latin language, and it means lizard while “agilis” is a Latin word meaning mobile, swift or agile. Sand lizards are the only member of this family. It is sometimes called viviparous lizard. Lacerta agilis: lt;p|>|Template:Speciesbox| The |sand lizard| (|Lacerta agilis|) is a |lacertid| |lizard| distrib World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of 37,681 results for SPECIES: Lacerta agilis Some of the displayed records may not be available for commercial use. Please check the licence conditions and non-commercial use guidance here Lacerta agilis chersonensis Andrzejowski, 1832. Kingdom Phylum Class Subclass Order Suborder Family Genus Included Subspecies: Lacerta agilis agilis Linnaeus, 1758; The fromer subspecies citrovittata from the Central Cyclades has been put into species rank as well as the eastern subspecies diplochondrodes, cariensis and dobrogica, which are now referred to Lacerta diplochondrodes*.

The sand lizard Lacerta agilis is Britain's rarest species of lizard.

Subspecies: Lacerta agilis garzoni PALACIOS & CASTROVIEJO, 1975. Types: Holotype: MNCN 44271, female. Terra Typica: Type locality: “Falda oeste del Puig de Basa

2001). Populations are large in southern and eastern There are several subspecies, the westernmost of which is Lacerta agilis agilis. In this and the other two most common western subspecies (Lacerta agilis argus) the back stripe is thin and dense, or absent. This is especially true for the third species, which has phases when it is quite red and brown on its back, without any marks.

A comparative morphological analysis of the Crimean Lacerta agilis was conducted and revealed some differences of analyzed lizards with respect to other subspecies of the sand lizards.

Lacerta agilis subspecies

Subspecies. Ini nga species ginbahin ha masunod nga subspecies: L. a.

Lacerta agilis brevicaudata, Transcaucasia and northeast Turkey. the poorly known subspecies Lacerta agilis bosnica, which inhabits the mountain areas on the Balkan Peninsula.
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Lacerta agilis subspecies

boemica, but several more have been described. Babocsay, G. (1997) - The niche segregation of three lacertid lizard species (Lacerta viridis, Lacerta agilis and Podarcis taurica) on sandy grassland in Hungary. - Meeting of the Zoologicval Society of Israel, Tel Aviv, 1997: 48.

Haas 1969), and  Population size and genetic diversity in sand lizards (Lacerta agilis) and adders contact zone between two subspecies of Chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita ssp. Population and subspecies differentiation in a high latitude breeding wader, the Proximate determinants of telomere length in sand lizards (Lacerta. agilis).
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Nov 18, 2019 The origin of the ZW sex chromosomes of Lacerta agilis, a widespread Eurasian lizard [2015]: the nominative subspecies L. agilis agilis.

lizard populations, subspecies and species in comparison with some other genera we used methods revealing four types of nuclear DNA markers. Among these were taxonprint, RAPD, Inter-MIR-PCR markers and also satellite DNA monomer sequences. The degree of differences between the subspecies of one of the species studied, Lacerta agilis, varies depending on the molecular markers used: according to the results of RAPD analysis, all subspecies substantially differ from one another, the variation within populations being small; with respect to other markers, the differences are smaller and not equivalent.

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It has several subspecies, the westernmost of which is ''Lacerta agilis agilis''. In this and the other main western sub-species the dorsal stripe is thin and interrupted, or not present at all. This applies particularly to the latter subspecies, which also includes a plain red or brown-backed phase without any dorsal markings.

different subspecies of Lacerta agilis. (after Roitberg, 2007) and our study samples. We considered L. a. garzoni. (the westernmost isolate of the species.

Subspecies chersonensis lives In Eastern Europe (Romanian Black Sea coast to eastern Poland); Subspecies garzoni is restricted to a small area in the Pyrenees. Males may be confused with other green lizards (Lacerta bilineata, Lacerta viridis). However, Lacerta agilis is smaller with a compact body.

2021-02-28 · The scientific name for sand lizards is Lacerta agilis.

exigua, L. a. grusinica, L. a.